What is Stair Solutions?

Stair Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative company. Stair Solutions can be proactive from the design stage of your project through the installation of your product. Stair Solutions’ experience in structural and miscellaneous metals can assist you in minimizing your Installation time, which is your most expensive cost per hour, as well as making critical dates on you project scopes.

  • Stair Solutions is an authorized representative for Worthington Stairs, LLC dba Sharon Stairs. Sharon Stairs is an AISC approved fabricator that fabricates metal stairs in the U.S.A. Sharon Stairs has Sharon Drop-In™ Stairs, which are very advantageous for many reasons. They provide for quick and easy installation, can be delivered to the job site as one complete order, fully certified designs to meet all applicable building codes, use of economical components, and a cost effective solution compared to site built stairways.

  • Stair Solutions also offers a complete line of Fall Protection through FallTech. This is not limited to personal protection equipment, but also includes temporary and permanent life line systems that can be designed to your specific needs and requirements. Stair Solutions can arrange for an onsite fall protection assessment.

  • Available from Stair Solutions, through Precision Ladders, LLC is a line of: Aluminum Ships Ladders, Roof Hatches (Aluminum or Galvanized), Fixed Aluminum Ladders and Disappearing Stairways. Precision Ladders, LLC is a company that fabricates in the U.S.A and they are also a member of the United States Green Building Council.

  • For your architecturally exposed railing project, whether it is with or without glass, Stair Solutions offers Livers Bronze Co. railing systems. The railing systems are innovative by design. Also available through Livers is there Stratawall. Stratawall is a unique modular wall system; the panels can be glass, wood, marble or other synthetic materials.

  • Also, when you new or preexisting project is need of repair or retrofit, Stair Solutions has Window Washing Systems available for your project.

  • The companies Stair Solutions represent are listed under Division 5 Specifications as approved manufacturers.

Installation of the products Stair Solutions represents can be arranged through an AISC approved company associated with Stair Solutions, Inc.